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Web Application Development

At Rubrandit we understand that building applications is as much about communication as code. The most amazing web application is useless if it doesn't solve the problem it was created to fix. Unfortunately, some developers feel like they understand your business better than you and design your application based on their ideas about how your business works. This results in projects that never completely solve the problem they were created to fix.

At Rubrandit we thoroughly scope out your entire application with you before we write any code. This way we can create a check list of all the goals your new application needs to meet and check them off together as we progress.

So when you need a custom application you can rest assured that if you choose Rubrandit we will create a solution, not just another step.

Content Management Systems

One off or off the shelf we have the skills and the vision to meet and exceed your CMS needs. Whether you need a simple solution to update your existing site or a custom CMS for a constantly changing e-commerce site we can guide you toward the most effective and cost efficient solution for your needs.

Depending on your situation you may be able to use one of the many freely available content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. If there are no solutions available that fit your needs we will happily create a custom solution using the latest in proven technologies. Our designs utilize PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can meet your CMS needs.

Search Engine Optimization

At Rubrandit we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of SEO. Beyond the practice of Search Optimization comes the industry of Search Optimization. We have seen countless situations where business were promised results they never realized and were out of the scope of what their web site was equipped to produce. We never make promises for results that are out of our control. SEO is a great example of this.

We approach Search Optimization from a white-hat consultative angle giving you advise and assistance in SEO best practices. From day one our approach has been that "If you provide the best product or service in your industry then Google wants you to rank #1. We just have to convince Google that you're the best." If you take this approach and are honest with yourself and everyone else you'll never get black-listed and your results will be long term, not just a flash in the pan until the check clears.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing is an ever growing form of advertising. One of the many reasons so many businesses are moving their ad budget out of print and toward the web is tracking. Online every click can be tracked, more importantly every dollar can be tracked to the sale. This gives you an accurate ROI to use when allocating your advertising budget.

In print advertising how often can you positively link an ad to a sale? Unless your customer walks in paper in hand you're reduced to asking how they found you. Your ability to track return in that system is flawed at best. SEM is completely transparent. If it's not making you more than it's costing it will be immediately visible. Success will be even more obvious.

At Rubrandit we understand how to run a successful online ad campaign and are experienced working with all the major sites. Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace and Facebook just to name a few.

Let us know where you want to be seen and we'll make sure you're seen in the best light possible.


Rubrandit has been providing affordable hosting since 2005.

If you're in need of hosting, from a personal blog to an enterprise application contact us and we can put together a package to meet your needs.

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